Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Vigilantes of Bastion

You are all part of the local boroughs street-level crime-fighting unit. Previously a long defunct local joke, but a bureaucratic debt has allowed it to jump back to life. You are named the (d3)... 

  1. The [grouping] against [vice
  2. The [grouping] of [virtue
  3. The [virtue][grouping]


  1. Team
  2. League
  3. Society
  4. Squad
  5. Allies
  6. Union
  7. Force
  8. Friends 


  1. Evil 
  2. Vice
  3. Crime 
  4. Sin 
  5. Villainy 
  6. Trouble 
  7. Heresy 
  8. Corruption


  1. Order
  2. Good
  3. Godliness
  4. Truth
  5. Peace 
  6. Moral 
  7. Justice
  8. Temperance

You all get: an ill fitting suit, a dagger (d6) OR pistol (d6), a Secret Identity, a stuffy mask.

The Protector

You get; A smelly, troublesome van 

You rely on your...

  1. Shield - Emblazoned with the team logo. +1 Armour, Bulky
  2. Vicious Pet - It has claws, it has teeth, it is loyal. (3HP, bite d6)
  3. Experimental Taser - Bulky, does d8 damage to Dex.
  4. Body Armour - Lovingly Homemade. Armour 2
  5. Noble Hunting Rifle with Scope - In a velvet case. Shoots at long range. Bulky, d10 Damage. Jams on a 1, requiring a Rest to fix.
  6. Sawn-off Shotgun - Greased. Blast, d8 Damage.

You are protecting...

  1. Home - You have a small family home in a truly run-down part of the borough.
  2. Family - Take a family with d4 grandparents, d6 siblings and 2d6 assorted children, nieces and nephews.
  3. Inheritance - You are flush with cash, but withdrawing takes a very long time.
  4. Reputation - You are the last member of the previous team, respected.
  5. Belief - You have full access to a sturdy temple. Its flock is small and the place in disrepair.
  6. Love - They are all you have. You can't bear them being hurt.

The Slicer

You get; a contact, an Armourer 

Your signature weapons are...

  1. Knives - Take d6+2 ornate butterfly knives (d6)
  2. A Sword - Take an engraved katana (d8)
  3. Darts - Take 2d6 darts (d4) OR 2d6 shurikens (d4)
  4. A Chakram - A throwing frisbee of sharpened steel, glows blue (d6)
  5. Shingle-Bow & Arrows - For Urban fighting. Bulky, d6 Damage.
  6. Polearm - You know what it's actually called. Bulky, d8 Damage.

Your outlook on life is...

  1. Pessimistic - your suite is garishly coloured
  2. Optimistic - your suite is dark-toned
  3. Supercilious - your suite is stylish
  4. Entirely delusional - your suite lacks pants or shirt.
  5. Paranoid - your suite covers you entirely
  6. Non-committal - you suite is instantly forgettable.

The Gizmologist


You get; a small attic filled with your stuff.

Your specialty is in...

  1. Drugs - You get three vials, one Deprives you, one Enhances your attacks, one heals you d8 damage.
  2. Explosives - d6+1 Cobble-Bombs (d8 Blast).
  3. Fire - a Flamethrower (Bulky, d8 Blast).
  4. Surveillance - a small screen and d6+1 clockwork cameras.
  5. Acids - d6 vials of acid (d6).
  6. Movement - a loud Jetpack (Bulky), OR sticky gloves and shoes, OR Turbo-Skates.

You have a hobby

  1. Music - take a couple pages of scribbled experimental sheet music.
  2. Writing - take a set of notebooks and a chewed pencil nib.
  3. Clothes - take a self-tailored dinner outfit.
  4. Cooking - take a platinum diners club card, granting you a table at any restaurant.
  5. Gaming - take a deck of peculiar cards OR crumbling polyhedral dice.
  6. Art - take a set of well-used painting supplies.

The Mastermind

Read Injection

You get; a radio which randomly skips across channels

You know almost everything about...

  1. Crime - Those nasty criminal goings on in the Borough.
  2. Trade - Major ports, major faces, major routes.
  3. Oddities - Those publicly known. Most are incredibly well protected.
  4. Electricity - Its effects and uses.
  5. Politics - Those mustache-twirling political factions and faces in the Borough.
  6. The City - You know all the in-ways and alleys around the Borough.

You know so much because...

  1. Books - Take a library card.
  2. Formal education - A ragged degree.
  3. Obsession - A stuffed notebook.
  4. Survival - A tattoo.
  5. An alien - A spoon/tuning fork.
  6. Job - An official stamp with your name.

The Strongman

You get; Nothing, you're strong aintcha?

Your loved weapon is a...

  1. Gym Club Anniversary Club - 25th if you must know. d6 Damage.
  2. Fists - Your bare fists count as d6 Damage.
  3. Random Items - You have learnt how to wield crude weapons. They count as d8 Damage in your hands.
  4. Knuckledusters - Simple, effective. d6 Damage.
  5. Legacy Weapon - It's big, it's spiky, it's heavy. You're sure you're holding the right end. (Bulky, d8)
  6. Alien Sledgehammer - Used to knock down walls. Or heads. Or knees. (Bulky, d8)

You were..

  1. An Urban Soldier - You have a friend in every area. Also an enemy.
  2. A Strongman - Your face is well known, and people will ask for your autograph.
  3. A Tradesman Bodyguard - Personal friends with a big CEO.
  4. A Shingle Lacrosse Jock - Your team is having a bad season. People support you, in secret.
  5. A Farmer - Smells don't phase you.
  6. A Father - You are Deprived if you haven't visited their graves once a day.

The Warped

"Your dastardly plans are no more Homo Chiroptera!"

You get; a set of ragged clothes

Your power is...

  1. Linguistic Telekinesis - When hearing a certain language, you can move most items (not bulky) with your mind.
  2. Olfactory Memory ESP - When you concentrate on your favorite smell, you can hear thoughts.
  3. Invisibility - Constantly. Take some paint OR powder OR bandages
  4. Hyper-sense - Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing or Sight, choose which.
  5. Squishy Body - somehow your body can squeeze through keyholes
  6. Strong Skin - You have 2 Armour.

You were changed by...

  1. A Mad Mockery - Raygun Gothic, lightning electricity, crazy hair; the works. You get a Raygun (d6).
  2. Magisterial Experimentation - You get a skeleton key which works for any government building.
  3. Star-Stuff - a strange rock, if you give it, and then take it back, people are Deprived for the day.
  4. Your Heritage - a Pitchfork (d6) and family tale.
  5. A Mistake - Something spilled on you. You can drink anything.
  6. Underground Games - A map of a local underground.

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