Saturday, July 24, 2021

Cairn in Nehwon


1. Northman

You have a distinctive feature: Purple Eyes, White Hair, Black Teeth, Massive Scar
  1. Named Massive Weapon (d10, Bulky) 
  2. Fur/Felt/Leather Cloak, coloured
  3. An instrument
  4. Snakefur belt.
  5. A crude statue of a jug with a figure half in it.

2. Scoundrel

You bear a psychological or physical scar from a previous life (An aversion to magic, Burnt Hands, Melancholic Love, An obsession with gaudy wealth)
  1. Named Smallish Weapon (d6)
  2. Tightfitting Silk/Velvet/Leather Clothes
  3. Random Spell
  4. An Amulet belonging to a Noble
  5. A pack of cards

3. Arcanist

You were cast out of a College  (I sold the last Scroll of Tsepatus the Wise, I provided a Familiar pet to an adored noblewomen, I entered one of the old temples.)

  1. A bizarre familiar/homunculus (+1 Fatigue) (1hp)
  2. Alchemy equipment
  3. A flowing dark-hued robe.
  4. Fatigue
  5. 3 Spells

4. Sorceress

 You left your homeland being pursued by your sisters.
  1. A Spell, dealing ranged damage of a particular element or damage type.  
  2. 2 Rituals
  3. A purse full of trinkets, used as currency in your land
  4. A Blade, of curious design (d6)
  5. A debilitating Scar (uses a slot)

5. Mercenary

Your previous band all died besides you.
  1. A stolen sword
  2. A shield, previously decorating a wall somewhere. 
  3. Ill-fitting armour
  4. A map of an area not far from here.
  5. d10+2 assorted types of currency (each type is more or less enough for an ale)

6. Noble

 Are you even of nobility?
  1. A black toga
  2. d4+5 bejeweled rings, d6 are hollow and filled with various poisons
  3. A jar of your favorite perfume
  4. d4 bathing oils
  5. An obsequious servant (3 hp, d4 Held Fan)


This was a fun little creative exercise, mostly for myself. Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser are excellent stories; I had to riff. If you wish to truly see an Into the Odd hack of Sword & Sorcery stories, see Weird North by Classless Kobolds and for more backgrounds see d66 Starting Loadouts for Cairn, also by Classless Kobolds

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  1. Nicely done! I should have thought that Nehwon needs a few more sailors and hardy wilderness types, mind you. Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser do seem to spend an awful lot of time at sea or up mountains.